Hello, I am Randall Lloyd, welcome to my website! I specialize in high-class, professional artistic, glamour, fashion and illustrative photography. This studio was established to provide a place where amateur and experienced models could come to obtain the highest quality images in a safe, comfortable, no-creep atmosphere.

If you are considering hiring me or working with me, know that I just plain have a good time at my photo shoots. I like to work with models that are energetic and spontaneous... not afraid to have fun. You should take direction well, but also be able to improvise your own poses and attitude. I look forward to working with as many of you as I can fit in to the schedule so give me a call.

My studio is housed in a beautifully decorated vintage victorian space with ample natural light and amenities. Studio features include Several incredibly decorated vintage victorian furnished rooms, a magnificent collection of vintage  wardrobe, comfortable temperatures, comfortable support surfaces, Instant feedback monitors, multiple backdrops and “real-life” sets.


I shoot in RAW format using a Canon 5D MkII Digital Camera, Canon Lenses, SanDisk Extreme IV Memory cards and White lightning strobes and lighting accessories.

Being professional and mature is of prime importance to me. Escorts are allowed and encouraged at all photo shoots, and there is male and female staff to assist you with every need.

"Real" interior and exterior locations take preference over simple studio backdrops, but even in common studio settings I can provide beautiful and unique images for your pride and enjoyment.

Are you a little self-conscious about some feature of your face or body? Sure you are... EVERYBODY is.  I can tell you that even the most amazing beauties that have ever walked through my doors have had some hangup about something. You really shouldn’t let it get to you. I know how to make you look your best, and even when I cant get everything perfect on the set, I have the skills needed to expertly retouch your images to make them exactly what you have in mind.

I am a fun-loving energetic art nerd who loves the 80‘s, my dogs and my classic muscle car.

I specialize in working with inexperienced or first-time models.  I feel that I have developed an honorable reputation for being professional and I believe that it is one of my talents to make you feel comfortable and at ease.  There is NEVER any pressure in my studio to go any farther in a photo shoot than we have previously agreed. I do not shoot sexual subject matter or anything more than you can see in tame Playboy pictorials.

I am not a photographer because I want to date you or see you naked...

I think that if you choose me to expand your portfolio, it will be a positive experience that produces beautiful photos that will get attention. Feel free to contact any model seen in my portfolio for references. 

I work with top notch professional Make-up artists, and they cost extra. If you choose to hire one, you will pay them at the shoot... I don't have anything to do with it apart from making the appointment. Rates are usually $35-$75 for one look and prices vary too much for multiple-look sessions to list here but they are reasonable. If you do your own Make-up, the time it takes to do it will not be deducted from your paid studio time unless it is over 30 minutes. If there is no make-up artist, please be aware that we have no cosmetics on site and can only offer basic assistance.

I retain all rights to the photos I shoot (Unless specifically arranged otherwise), however, the release I use offers every model who shoots with me the opportunity to limit the usage to whatever they are comfortable with.  Due to this, I have far more models that have shot with me than you will see in my portfolio, Some of them have preferred that I not display their photos and I gladly honor these requests.

Most photo transactions are limited to what I feel are the best photos from the shoot, fully edited and provided in .jpg format. I NEVER release every photo from a session and I never allow anyone else, including the model, to edit my photos.

What can I say? Im indecisive :D  I started out as PhoenixArts Photography then split into two studios to satisfy customer demand. Those two studios were Envy Images and Vision Images.

Vision Images was a family-friendly studio that did portrait work and beginner portfolios. I also threw in some of my more tame editorial and illustrative work.

Envy Images is where I showcased my more wild side.  A little nudity... a lot of attitude.

I eventually grew tired of explaining who I was when I met people, so I decided it was probably better for me to grow name recognition with my own name.... so now its Randall Lloyd photography.

Well here we are at the bottom of my too-long bio-section... thanks for making it all the way down (unless you skipped!) I look forward to working with all of you and creating some spectacular images that make normal folks lose their breath... you can do it, I know you have it in you!

Contact me for a session SOON (Book early: about 4-5 weeks in advance to assure your choice of time)


-Randall Lloyd


“Life is too short... you should have amazing pictures of how sexy-beautiful you are.”